Investing in Human Capital is a business imperative: you are leaving money & talents on the table

Is your pool of high

potential talents a

leaky bucket?

Do you know how to

avoid poor performing


Replacing talents costs 3X more than hiring them

Source: Skillwork

Low engagement cost $550B in the US alone

Source: Summer Terry

Happier employees

deliver long-term value

Source: University of Oxford

You have hidden gems in your organisation

Source: Forbes

Last but not least, boosting your talent agenda

will advance your diversity agenda

Because it will reduce Noise and Bias in talent management

Read more about diversity

What are the headwinds

to unlocking Human Capital?

Disengaging Processes

• Little or no Recognition

• Poor feedback

• No Growth opportunity

Disengaging Managers

• Negative or biased attitude

• Don't offer feedback

• Promote the wrong person

There is no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continuously develops them


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